Why I decided to start a blog?

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So it is the year 2018. There are 4.44 billion pages of content on the internet. Why create another blog? That’s a very good question. To be honest, I don’t know yet.

I became an active internet user in the early 2000s before the web 2.0 was a thing. In my teen years, I rallied through the boom of Twitter and Facebook. It was all about posting crap and mood messages every other day. And then I got tired of social media (and web 2.0 media in general). I rather decided to concentrate more on learning technology and building products. Sure, I’ve produced some marketing materials here and there, but nothing with considerable consistency.

Now that I’ve been in the hardware and software business for almost a decade, I’ve started the get that itchy “I wanna share it!” feeling again. Maybe it’s because I have lived in the modern media space for long enough, that it suddenly feels OK for me. Maybe it’s just because I’m older now and feel that I actually have something useful to say. I have a series of topics in mind from hardcore electronics to societal tinkering. Anyhow, we’ll see how it works out… 🙂

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