About me

Hi! I’m Tanel from a Nordic country called Estonia.

I’m a co-founder of ScienceMosaic engineering consultancy and currently leading the R&D team in the company. Over the past 7 years, my team has helped a number of businesses around the globe to discover and develop hardware opportunities. I have designed industrial equipment that is used by leading corporations like Intel, Microsoft and Amazon. Some of my products are used in cutting-edge Alzheimer and cancer research. During my spare time I’m advocating for science and engineering education.

My software engineering career started off in a large enterprise consultancy called Nortal (formerly know as AS Webmedia) where I worked as a Java developer for telecom companies.

My academic background is in applied physics. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis about protein folding algorithms in the University of Tartu. For my Master’s thesis project I built IR-laser based temperature control device used for single-cell temperature manipulation in the Chalmers University of Technology. Working on various hardware devices in the academic setting led also to the founding of my R&D company ScienceMosaic.

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